Process and IT improvements for
sustainable value retention


AI-based determination of damage
types as well as damage-free areas


Integration of modern communication techniques for efficient teamwork


Smart and permanently available
GIS data in all inspection processes


Flexible and centralized data and
project management in the cloud


A holistic solution that combines
all necessary tools for inspection

Economic efficiency, an essential component of sustainability, plays a significant role in maintaining infrastructural assets such as the sewer system, which is not only expensive and cost-intensive, but also has a long service lifespan. Ecological and social aspects of sustainability, namely, the protection of nature and people, for example through acceptable working conditions, are tasks for society as a whole.

The aim is to achieve and maintain a desirable quality of sewer systems with the lowest possible expenditure and minimum negative environmental impact, while maintaining a high level of comfort of use in the long-term.

Source: Aktionsgemeinschaft Impulse pro Kanal, 2019

The e.SIC-Ecosystem

Apart from maintaining sewer systems sustainably, it is not only possible but desirable to use resources in a more environment friendly and sustainable manner by using efficient information and communication technologies, . Cloud computing maximizes energy savings and has a positive impact on the CO2 balance. This limits acquisition and maintenance costs and massively increases data security. This minimizes expenses, enables more investments towards renovation and repair work and improves the image of companies.

e.SIC Platform

Cloud-based service platform to optimize the entire inspection process through more efficient data management, storage & transfer; better project management, assisted AI-based damage detection, 3D visualization, GIS integration, integrated team communication and higher data security

e.SIC Viewer

Software for manual as well as AI-based monitoring of sewer condition, 3D visualization of sewers for easier and higher contrast viewing; video streaming for location-independent playback in real-time, integrated team collaboration and connection to the e.SIC platform


Adaptive system for controlling and monitoring vehicles; video streaming for location-independent playback in real-time; Digital Twin to display the status of the vehicle/robot live; integrated team collaboration and connection to the e.SIC platform


Authoring tool for creating individualized e-learning material and efficient training of users on the end system through direct connection to the e.SIC Viewer as well as connection to the e.SIC platform for internal and external exchange of training material

Adapted to your Needs.

e.SIC is a service-oriented solution that combines various modules for the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure such as sewer systems, pipelines and tunnels.

e.SIC contributes to the sustainable value retention and longevity of the sewer system, the inspection process, as well as the data and project management are significantly simplified. The overall inspection grade can be increased and early damage detection allows reconstructions at manageable costs.

State-of-the-art cloud technology ensures flexible and centralized data management. Additionally, online streaming of media content prevents inconsistent and redundant data storage. Since data is never stored on local systems data security is increased. Assisted damage detection using artificial intelligence, high-resolution 3D visualization and modern communication methods ensure greater efficiency and improved working conditions throughout the inspection process.

Time saving, Increase in Quantity and Quality

Using artificial intelligence, damage-free areas are automatically detected, damages are pre-selected and damage types are determined: the inspection professional can thereafter concentrate on existing damages. Standard-compliant damage categorization and measurement are possible in only one step.

Modern and efficient Collaboration within Teams and with external Service Providers

Modern communication technologies such as chat, video calls and screen sharing support all inspection related processes. This enables an efficient exchange of information with all involved persons and departments from any location.

Practical Sustainability through Green IT

By using cloud solutions, a clear data storage system and the demand-oriented use of hardware and software; hardware and 65% of computing power can be saved. This has a positive effect on operating costs and the environmental impact.


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