The e.SIC platform combines three main solutions that will greatly improve the inspection process:

e.SIC Viewer – Sewer Inspection Software
e.VCS – e.sigma Vehicle control System
e.CATS – e.sigma Computer Aided Training & Simulation



e.SIC drives digital transformation in the inspection of sewer networks, which is the biggest asset of municipalities. The e.SIC solution has many innovative characteristics that set it apart from existing technology in the field.

The solution is revolutionizing the field of sewer inspection, through the following innovations:

Data Management: the e.SIC platform offers redundant storage of big data online and gives multiple users access to this data anywhere, anytime, thereby ending dependency on hardware, which is often time and labor intensive. The e.SIC platform is device independent and can therefore, support inspection software preferred by the customer instead of replacing it.

Artificial Intelligence: e.SIC is pioneering AI based inspection and damage classification of sewer pipes. The intuitive AI uses deep learning to automatically detect, classify, and in the future perhaps also predict possible damages based on a wide variety of classification norms, thereby improving quality and quantity of inspection work.

Collaboration: e.SIC is a collaborative online platform, which can be accessed from anywhere anytime by any number of users, making the solution modern workspace compatible. This also opens up the path for collaborative working with several departments as well as external partners and service providers.

Inclusion: e.SIC helps breakdown barriers of ethnicity, gender, status, disability and location and provides equal opportunity to all qualified personell and service providers.

e-learning: using e.CATS it is possible to educate and train employees and external partner to carry out correct inspection and classification work, to improve the quality and quantity of inspection.

Adaptability: not only is the e.SIC platform inclusive and device independent, the other features of e.SIC, namely, the e.SIC viewer, e.VCS and e.CATS, can all be adapted to suit a customer’s exact needs and deliver a solution that is tailor made for the customer.