e.SIC – e.sigma Sewer Inspection Cloud 

Technology that doesn’t limit Creativity

Inspection as well as damage identification and classification of sewer pipe networks is a tedious, time-consuming and cost-intensive process. In Germany, water companies are required to inspect their entire sewer network over a 10-year period. A recent study indicates that incorrect damage classification of sewer pipes routinely exceeds 60%. The financial burden of this on the public sector in Germany alone, with a sewer pipe network of 575,000 km, is enormous. Undetected damage can lead to water logged streets, and ultimately personal injuries.

e.SIC – e.sigma Sewer Inspection Cloud helps the public sector seamlessly transition inspection process onto the cloud, through effective and integrative cloud applications. Using our innovative AI driven automated damage annotation framework, we hope to revolutionize the way sewer inspection is currently done.

e.SIC is pioneering cloud inspection for sewer pipe networks, driving digital transformation in the field and ultimately making cities smarter!